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Spyder is a powerhouse brand—notorious for their adrenaline-inducing ad campaigns and badass apparel—built to withstand the most extreme of elements and endure the test of time. To highlight this, we created a responsive user experience for the company- ramping them onto an e-commerce platform to enable online sales and increase overall profits.

Through interactive features on product pages, we were able to elevate the user shopping experience and highlight the added product value by exploring the extensive technology and R&D behind every piece of Spyder product—as well as remedy any concern for product fit through visual sizing tools. To further customer engagement, we wove the entire experience together with modular email campaigns that were as visually stimulating and thrilling as the brand itself.


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Mobile-first. Always.

4/5 searches on a mobile device lead to sales, so creating and launching an alluring mobile experience for Spyder customers was the first priority for us.


Ozzie Thoreson

VP Creative

“This project was a meeting of the minds, where collaboration between Pierry and Spyder was key.”

UX, Redefined.

We created a responsive user experience that was just as bold and daring as the athletes, and adventurers, who adorned the brand themselves—sticking to Spyder’s traditional color palette of clean but powerful neutrals- we used their striking red color to accent various functional aspects and interactive tools to elevate the shopping experience.

Behind Every Spyder
is an Intricate Web
Spyder is the leader of cutting-edge, outdoor and active apparel— behind every jacket, pair of pants and accessory is an intricate web of technology-based design and material innovation.

To showcase these elements, we created a click-out technology tab on every product description page— an opportunity for the company to showcase the extensive research, development and science behind each piece of apparel.
Tailored Shopping at Your Finger Tips
While e-commerce and direct-to-consumer platforms have cut shopping time in half, there is no guarantee that the shoe will fit— so to speak.

It was crucial to us to create a solution to eliminate any buyer guesswork when selecting apparel size.

We designed a slider system— as a quantitative, visual gage— indicating if a garment’s fit ran tighter, looser, shorter or longer than traditional sizes.

A thermal scale was also introduced to denote the external temperature for which the apparel was designed to endure- eliminating any guesswork for potential buyers.

A great solution to increase conversions and catch more buyers- what a web we weave!
Into the Lab
Spyder invests an incredible amount of resources into researching and developing the technology behind its elementally-enduring clothing.

To elevate the user shopping experience and highlight the added-value features that make Spyder a true luxury investment, we integrated the “Tech Lab”— an interactive page in which customers can walk through the unique fashion and design elements of the apparel while diving into the technology behind them.

Peeling back jacket layers to see the antidotal wool that keeps you warm even when wet? Now that’s climbing to new heights.
Community Web
To further facilitate the shopping experience, we added a dimensional comment section for customers to leave reviews and both visually— and quantitatively— rate a product’s size, fit, comfort and durability.

It was our goal to further customer engagement and create a sense of community through this bazaar-like environment—aligning the in-store and mobile shopping experience on all levels.
Spyder Mail
A newsletter sign-up bar was added to the bottom of the page as a further call to action.

We entwined the project together with an email campaign that was just as visually adrenaline-pumping as the brand itself.

Email Campaigns

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