CDP/Data Orchestration

Pierry’s CDP will revolutionize the customer experience offered by your business. Whether you have existing marketing and ecommerce platforms, or you’re building everything from the ground up, you can rely on Pierry for far more than just constructing a simple marketing tool. Pierry will empower your company to craft a comprehensive and results-driven journey for your customers that makes them feel understood and valued.

By integrating data from disparate sources throughout your digital ecosystem, Pierry’s CDP gives you an eagle-eye view of your clients’ needs, habits, and personal preferences. It also enables you to make accurate predictions for new clients based on their initial interactions with your systems, and how they compare to your existing customers.

This 360-degree view of your contact base, enabled by global identification, provides you with advanced reporting, attribution and business intelligence. Client data can even be shared between platforms, which will prevent missed opportunities due to gaps in a specific application’s contact record.

Pierry’s CDP is flexible enough to be hosted on a variety of Cloud computing platforms, and it is the perfect fulcrum to launching hybrid cloud environments for your business. Here’s an example of how that happens.

Case in Point

A client was having difficulty managing disparate data sources and translating customer activity at the service and transactional level into meaningful marketing communication.

The Wunderman Thompson CDP was implemented on an AWS server owned by the client. Data sources were integrated into the CDP across their proprietary databases, customer transactions, financing, and leasing data directly from the client, as well as on-site data from locations across the country.

Once this data hit the CDP Data Orchestration Layer, it was transformed to fit into a unified data model, cleansed, and processed through an identity resolution layer to prepare the individual customer data to be utilized in customer journey enablement systems. 

Unified data was passed into various Client systems including finance, marketing, service, and on-site CRMs.