Development & Custom Solutions

Development & Custom Solutions

As your business expands and client bases evolve, off-the-shelf solutions are usually not the best option. But most growing businesses don’t have the significant amount of resources, time, and money it takes to develop custom solutions. It’s not cost-effective, and is much more complex than simply re-inventing the wheel.

The good news is that you can rely on Pierry’s Development team to build your next custom app or implement your next database.Our long established record of success and history with Salesforce development includes database standup on Heroku, front end web development, Lightning app development on SFDC, as well as systems integrations across the Salesforce and 3rd party ecosystems. This makes us the perfect partner to help your business meet its goals.

Our highly skilled teams will even provide API consulting to ensure you are pairing the right technologies to solve your problems and unleash your full marketing potential.

Development services are available for the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Heroku, individually, and as a multi-cloud implementation.

Case in Point

We developed a custom audience tool using Salesforce Heroku that allows CRM teams to create highly targeted audiences from a simple drag/drop UI and removes the need for SQL experience. ​Now CRM teams can create highly targeted segments without technical assistance from the Data team. This streamlines processes and reduces time spent on segmentation through operational efficiencies.

This allows the CRM team to experiment with new audience segments and be more creative with how they target clients with relevant content. Localized offices also have more data freedom and can utilize other channels to drive more personalized marketing nationwide based on data points such as customer preferences, age demographics, and previous engagements. All without the need to engage the Data team.