Community Cloud

In today’s world, it’s not enough to simply sell a quality product or deliver top-notch services . To succeed you need to build a community around your offerings. This isn’t just word-of-mouth. A key to success lies in generating a high-level of customer enthusiasm for your product, and that can be significantly amplified if you can build a community focused on what you do. Pierry will make Salesforce Community Cloud an effective tool for you to create and connect branded online communities directly to your sales and marketing teams in the B2C sector.

Pierry will configure Community Cloud so that it can skyrocket your service and satisfaction levels. We’ll help you create a community portal, where your customers can interact and access support materials, which is essential to the health and well being of your customer experience. 

The Pierry team can help you build out a web and portal experience that helps your service team manage customers across your organization through:

  • Back-end data integration services 
  • Integration with the Sales and Service Cloud environments
  • Front-end creative and development services 
  • Mobile responsive portal experience implementation 
  • Secure login, logout, registration, and data/file upload workflow creation

Pierry will empower your team to create an interactive community with access to articles and resources, and provide your customers with a self-service option and the ability to ask and answer questions. This will enable your customers to help themselves and help each other, creating another layer of support while easing your support team’s burden of answering common questions.