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Don’t Just Market to Your Audience – Put Them on a Journey


journeyThe buyer journey continues to evolve and consumers are coming to expect a more personalized experience. Buyers no longer want to be marketed to in bulk and with today’s technology, there’s no reason they should be. For years digital marketers have been challenging themselves to get more personalized in their messaging. This often involved collecting and sorting through thousands of data points, creating special segments, manual actions and special queries.

But even this will only get a digital marketer so far.

With Journey Builder, a tool available as part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers can put each member of their audience on a path that’s based upon each individual user’s interaction on whichever channels you meet them on.

Getting Started with Journey Builder

To get started with Journey Builder, you first need to establish a goal. What do you want this journey to result in? For example, your goal could be to get 60% of those downloading your retail app to make a purchase within the first 45 days.

Once you have a goal established, you can begin building out the various pathways that can be taken based on how the customer interacts with your communications or products. For instance, let’s say that once a user downloads the app, you send them a triggered email thanking them for downloading and inviting them to make their first purchase by providing them a code for 20% of their in-app purchase.

Going Beyond the First Triggered Email

Five days later you are ready to send your second communication. Did the customer make a purchase? If so, you do not want to send them another email reminding them to make a purchase, so perhaps you choose to send them a “Refer-A-Friend” email or a survey on their experience.

Or maybe the customer didn’t even open the initial email you sent. In this case, the next step could be to have them receive a new message with a more urgent subject line, something like “Don’t miss out! 20% off your first in-app purchase.”

For those who did open the email, but didn’t click, perhaps you send an email with more enticing copy or different product images.

Marketing Automation Across Channels

Journey Builder also allows for seamless integration with other Marketing Cloud products so users who opened, clicked, but didn’t purchase could receive a MobilePush notification with an incentive code. The possibilities are endless!

The purpose of Journey Builder is to provide the most relevant offer based on each individual stage in the buyer’s journey. Through the tools user friendly, easy to use interface, you can actually visualize how many people are at each stage of the journey in real time and optimize campaigns as you go.