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Why Live Data is the Gift that Keeps on Giving this Holiday Season


online holiday shopper
It’s no secret that the holiday season is a big time for retailers. And with all the noise around holiday shopping, it’s important that marketers stand out—not just by providing the best deals and promotions they can, but by providing the best customer experience they can, one that helps make the shopping process easier.

With nearly 50% of consumers planning to do the majority of their holiday shopping online, and with 54% of holiday shoppers planning to do most of that online shopping on their smartphone during spare moments throughout the day, being able to create effective micro-moments for consumers is key for retailers.

The days of the one-day shopping spree are coming to an end, making your “batch-and-blast” email approach less and less effective.

On all fronts of digital marketing, but email in particular, consumers are looking for something more. They want a 1:1 personalized experience—one that helps them get the products they need and helps them uncover new products they didn’t even know they wanted.

Email marketers already know a lot about their consumers—from first name, to gender, to purchase history, etc. But what if you could take that a step further by collecting data such as browse history and abandon cart history? And what if that could be used to create a truly personalized email experience for every subscriber?

Incorporating live data into your emails can lead to higher engagement, as well as an increase in revenue per click. In other words, live data isn’t just useful to your consumers, but to your bottom line as well.

Want to see more on how live data can bring your customers a completely new experience this holiday season? See use cases, tips for shaping your customer journey, as well as how to get buy-in internally in this recent webinar, Delivering a Better Holiday Email Experience with Live Data, hosted by Pierry and Movable Ink.

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